Apartamento Almudaina

  • Typology

    Renovation of an existing apartment

  • Location

    Palma de Mallorca

  • Architect
    Jaime Salvá
  • Interior design

    Jaime Salvá  & Ondrej Zdercik

  • Project date


  • Size

    Building area 110 m2

  • Photographer

    Tomeu Canyellas



The Apartment Almudaina is located in the old town of Palma, near the Town Hall and the cathedral. The property is surrounded by narrow and winding streets.

The owners were looking to create a new home in the city and were drawn to the street life in this characteristic neighborhood.

The apartment was in a condition that did not allow for inhabitation, so it was necessary to renovate the facilities, kitchens, and bathrooms.

During the renovation, the original elements of the property were carefully taken into account to preserve its essence, such as the Ionic column, while incorporating contemporary elements to achieve a fusion of the old and the modern, creating a chic and timeless atmosphere.

To achieve the desired chic effect, the original colors of the apartment were combined with bolder tones, such as the red used on the sofa. Modern and traditional elements were mixed to create the feeling that they had always been there.


The flooring stands out, as the decision was made to keep the original one despite having to replace some hydraulic ceramic tiles. In some rooms, herringbone oak wood was chosen.

The kitchen is a bright and open space. During the renovation, an opening was made in the load-bearing wall to connect the semi-open kitchen with the rest of the apartment. The chosen material for the island and other elements was Calacatta marble, which is white with distinctive grey veins

The furniture selection was entrusted to the company Banni, who made great efforts to understand our idea and bring it to life in the best possible way. Getting to know the clients and their lifestyles was also a crucial factor when choosing fabrics to ensure optimal use and durability over time.

The living room carpet was designed with a completely customized pattern, as were its colours, allowing for a perfect combination with the other pieces in the room. The shelving in the office area is wall-mounted, with large open spaces that enhance the feeling of space.

The bedroom posed a structural challenge, as Banni hung a large velvet curtain to separate the bathroom from the main bedroom, creating a great luminosity between the master walls and maintaining the line of the original suspended beam.

With this intervention, the focus was not only on the aesthetics defined in the project renders, but also on prioritizing comfort in each piece. The curved shapes invite you to sit, enjoy, and spend time in them.

The combination of original pieces, such as the grand dining room lamps, combined with cheerful colours and curved, natural forms, makes the space very special and distinctive, blending the chic with the historic.

The interior design was carried out by our studio, in collaboration with interior designer Ondrej Zdercik.